Painter Pants Ecru [Inner Cord Specification] Bobson Workers


Painter Pants Ecru [Inner Cord Specification] Bobson Workers

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Painter's pants in many materials and colors

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Product Size

Waist hip


front crotch Hem Width Inseam
S 72.0 105.4 32.5 28.2 18.6 67.7
M 77.0 107.2 33.1 28.5 18.6 68.5
L 81.0 113.0 34.0 29.0 19.5 69.5

Fashionable working wear, Bobson Workers Utility Pants

Fashionable Utility pants. You can wear them stylishly at work. You can go straight to go out after work! The style and length make for easy movement and fashionable clothing. Easy to match with sandals, sneakers, or leather shoes! Tops can be worn with anything from T-shirts to open-necked shirts. Total coordination is easy! Comfortable and beautiful style.

High-quality Okayama fabric was chosen. It looks tough but is lighter and thinner than it looks, creating a natural drape that further accentuates the style. Easy to wear and smooth to the touch.
Sewn at an excellent jeans factory. Special bar tack sewing machine is used for pockets and other parts to increase the strength. Uses three stitches that were once used by painters. Even in the details, there is an attention to detail that gives a sense of history.

Material: 100% cotton
Fabric: 10.5oz/ Okayama
made in okayama/japan

The color may slightly differ from the actual color itself due to the environment and settings of your monitor.

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