B-1969-XX-G Selvedge Denim Jeans Jacket Type 3


B-1969-XX-G Selvedge Denim Jeans Jacket Type 3

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The supreme dark blue denim selvedge, third type jacket is numbered item of Bobson's establishment year.

Material / Specification

セルビッチデニム スチールボタン

Leather patch with serial number engraving - Vintage flasher with serial number engraving

Extra dark denim - Okayama weave - Extra dark indigo dye

Vintage two-pawl tuck buttons - Pure copper punched rivets 

~ Slim style ~

Stitches / sewing in Okayama

ステッチ ユニオンスペシャル

Vintage-inspired stitch counts, yarn counts, and stitch colors

Chain stitching / Double stitch with Union Special sewing machine

The technology of BOBSON's authentic products [Earth Culture] created in the 1970s is incorporated.

The supreme products made by a craftsman who has been involved in the production for more than 30 years and loves jeans.

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Product Size

length CHEST Shoulder width Sleeve Length
34 59.5 49 42.5 58.5
36 61 52 45 61
38 63 55 47 62
40 66 58 48.5 63.5
42 68 61 50.5 64
44 70 63 53 65.5

Please note

This product is rigid denim: raw denim with the image of vintage(before 1960) denim that the more continuing to wear it the more it looks better. Please consider how much it will shrink before purchasing.
Shrinkage reference data: 3% lengthwise, 3% widthwise.

In principle, worn products are non-returnable.

Material: ● Okayama Denim 100% cotton
Leather label Cowhide
Fabric: 13.5oz selvedge denim/ Okayama
made in okayama/japan

*The actual color itself may differ slightly due to monitor environment and settings. The color may differ slightly from the actual color itself due to the environment and settings of your monitor. Each pair of jeans is handmade by craftsmen, so each pair is slightly different from the others.

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