BOBSON Print T-shirt White/Gray base/Unisex


BOBSON Print T-shirt White/Gray base/Unisex

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One-point print T-shirt that is easy to coordinate with

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Product Size

body length chest Shoulder width Sleeve Length
S 63 47 S 63 47 18
M 68 52 M 68 52 22
L 72 55 50 22
XL 75 60 55 23

A striking one-point Bobson print T-shirts that is easy to mix and match out fit.

Bobson print T-shirts with a cattle mark on the sleeve.

The Bobson print T-shirts is made with a combination of materials, sewing, tailoring, and other small details to achieve durability.

The neck ribs are double stitched to maintain their strength.

This is a high-grade model with "combed yarn" to keep the neck ribs strong, and "anti-shrinkage processing" to reduce shrinkage during washing.

Fabric: 100% cotton, combed yarn
made in china

The name design of the T-shirts will be changed. We will be shipping them sequentially.
You cannot select the old or new name design. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


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