About us

Features of BOBSON Online Shop

1. all products are original

Bobson's technology and planning ability have built the Japanese jeans culture since its establishment in 1969.

The products sold at the Bobson Online Shop are original products planned by the company.

2. High quality and low price

High quality and low prices are realized by cutting out intermediate distribution costs. We have enhanced our lineup of domestically produced products.

3. New products

Bobsons is always developing new products with a spirit of relentless pursuit. From classic lines to trendy items, we offer a full lineup.


Clothes that live with the times

BOBSON, one of the origins of Japanese jeans, has been exploring the relationship between people and clothing for more than 50 years.

We have been seeking a higher level of quality.

We are committed to providing high quality clothing that is timeless
by paying attention to every thread, detail, sewing and processing.

And for the next 50 years, and hopefully beyond,
we aim to keep this piece of clothing with people.

Company name

BobsonPeachfort CO., LTD.

Head office address

                 Post code:701-0151

978 Hirano, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture

TEL: 086-292-3001
FAX: 086-292-0724
HP: https: //bobson.co.jp

Trademark registration date

December 1969


50 million yen


Hiroshi Ozaki

Description of Business

Manufacture and sale of jeans and other apparel