● Okayama Denim
10.5 oz. stretch fabric surface with irregulars that mix and match outfit any occasion. Silky and moist feel that offers the best comfort. Poor quality fabric loses its stretch ability quickly, but this fabric has a core in the center of the thread and has moderate tension. It also has excellent water absorbency and moisture retention properties. The more it is used, the more elegant its looks better and the more it conforms to the body.

Material:98% cotton 2% polyurethane
Leather label : deer-skin
Fabric: 10.5oz stretch denim/ Okayama
made in Okayama/japan

*The actual color itself may differ slightly due to monitor environment and settings. The color may differ slightly from the actual color itself due to the environment and settings of your monitor. Each pair of jeans is handmade by craftsmen, so each pair is slightly different from the others.

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