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Waist hip


front crotch Hem Width Inseam

<Model height 168cm>
Lineup comes in three colors: distressed-blue, one-washed, and white.
Outstanding range of mix and match outfit. The ultimate simple design with no unnecessary decorations for easy to wear and long-lasting wear. 
It is a simple pare of jeans that an uncompromising approach to detail.

<Model height 168cm>

We devised a style with reference to the fashion of more than 20 years. You can wear them stylishly all the time.

Okayama Denim

Okayama denim boasts a quality that attracts the attention of brands from all over the world. High quality indigo with many dyeing times and high
quality yarn. It is excellent in moisture retention and has a silky touch to the skin. The stretchy threads are designed to prevent the knees from stretching and last longer, allowing you to wear it stylishly.

Moderate stretch elongation fits your movements without compromising the silhouette line.

Buyers from all over the world purchase denim from Okayama, but Bobson is particularly well informed about Okayama denim and is always able to choose from thousands of denim fabrics to match our concept.

Thoughts behind the jeans: 8 particulars

Slim straight style, tapering to a slim tapered hem. The waist is wrapped around the hips without feeling constrictive, making the legs look beautiful and giving a great leg-lengthening effect. The design is based on over 50 years of accumulated data on jeans, and we aimed to create a style that can be worn cool for many years to come.

Each pair of jeans is finished by skilled technicians using more than five types of specialized sewing machines. It takes many years to become able to sew on a specialized sewing machine. Jeans sewn by special sewing machines are sturdy and tear-resistant, and decorative stitching is essential to make jeans the next class.

3、Desin bar tack
The bar tack used to reinforce pocket edges is an extended with devising. It is a distinctive bar tack with edgy.

4、Back pocket
Double stitching, a Bobson registered design, enhances the presence of the back pocket.

Custom-made Bobson rivets. Finished with high-quality rivets, just like the jeans that were reinforced with rivets in the past. The rivets are matched to the color of the jeans to enhance the design.

Custom-made Bobson buttons. The vintage finish and shading further enhances the sense of luxury.

7, Zipper
We used YKK zippers that meet Japan's strict standards. It is resistant to breakage of the Pull and can be worn for a long time. The zipper is locked when the Pull is lowered.

8, Deerskin leather, leather label
We chose soft deerskin that is not stiff with a slight sheen. The more you use it, the more it looks better. Jeans become attractive with combination of leather patches.

9、WASH processing
Shaving and ripping processing are done by jeans craftsmen who receive orders from all over the world. The balance of the processing is excellent and of high quality. Even for one-wash, we are thoroughly particular about water quality, temperature, time, etc.

Product Size

Waist Hip thigh Front crotch Hem Width Inseam
S 100 100 100 100 S 100 100
M 100 100 100 M 100 M 100 100
L 100 100 L 100 L 100 L L 100 100 100
LL 100 LL 100 LL 100 LL 100 LL 100 100 100

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