Premium Denim Jacket Acid-washed Unisex


Premium Denim Jacket Acid-washed Unisex

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BET-13-615] Okayama denim with a special wash process. The highest quality Denim Jacket are finished.

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Product Size

body length


Shoulder width Sleeve Length
S 50.5 62 44 59
M 54 62.5 45 60
L 56.5 65.5 47 61.5
XL 57.5 67 48 63

Material: 100% cotton

   Leather label: Deerskin

Fabric: 13.5oz Okayama Denim

made in okayama/japan

High-quality Okayama denim is made into a Jeans jacket.

The jeans jacket that were a big hit in the 1970s have been upgraded with modern technology and revived. It is fashionable but standard item, which coordinates well with hoodies and T-shirts.

The Bobson jeans jacket, a fashionable and durable permanent staple that has not been affected by trends for 50 years, is a powerful ally of humanity in terms of SDGs.

It has a solid and luxurious look.

The more you wear it, the more the jeans owner's expression will be created.

Fabric:13.5 oz. vintage denim.

We have improved the weaving machine to reproduce vintage denim, and we have paid attention to even the slightest unevenness.

This denim is resistant to friction and dirt that can be used for a long time.

<Okayama sewing>

Tough finish using yarn count of twenty.

It is finished while reinforcing the design of the bar tack.

<wash processing>

Acid-washed was a big hit in the 1970s. We have revived the chemical wash that is popular even in 
thrifted clothes.

The Acid-wash Jeans-jacket have an outstanding presence and elevate fashion to the highest level.

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